Griven Promotion 1200

Pro-Motion 1200 is a totally weatherized versatile multiple format projector, designed for a wide variety of applications: from open air events through to large area projection shows, exhibition halls, television sets, marketing advertising, theme parks, as well as concerts and festivals.
Its versatility is expanded by a dedicated range of effect modules and a selection of alternative optic groups which can be used separately or in conjunction with each others for various truly outstanding displays to meet the professional lighting designers requirements.
Single gobo rotators, multiple rotating and indexable gobo changers or slide changers are adjustable in rotation speed and direction via standard 512 dmx signal.
Using a powerful 1200W discharge lamp, this fully weatherproofed image projector, certified to an IP44 factor against ingress of dust and water, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

DMX Channels: 7
On-board control

Lamp Source
Wattage (W): 1200

Input (V): 230-240,Hz: 50-60
Amp: 8 @ 230V-18 @ 110V

Dichro Filters: 2 wheels 24 colours + white

Angle: 10° - 30° Gobos/19° - 42° Slides
Focus: manual
Zoom: manual
Dimmer: mech. (optional)
Strobe: 9 Fps
Gobos Ø (mm): D Size EXT 53,3-INT 40
Rotating Gobos: 5 (optional)
Slides (mm): n°5 24x36 mm slides-n°50 6x7 cm films

Width (mm): 475
Depth (mm): 780
Height (mm): 654

Weight (kg)
Main Fixture: 53,5