Sms messenger

Events look for interaction and one of the best solutions in the world for mobile messaging is the Pangolin sms messenger. It is a program which enables you to accept incoming sms messages and display them by laser or video. You can organize a voting system the same way. One of its best features is its simplicity. All a client has to do is provide a SIM card with a phone number and for every sent message participants pay a standard messaging price. The voting or mobile message projections can begin, in any environment, big or small. Sms messenger has proven to be a real sensation for clubbing promotions as well as big corporate events. Numerous marketing agencies make use of its ability to store all incoming messages. This way they create a database of participants’ mobile phone numbers which can be used in another marketing project.

About how appealing Pangolin sms messenger is as a program can be corroborated by the fact that it was used at MTV music awards. We at Prolight are especially proud of using the program on the Ericsson Nikola Tesla event at the Info fair. The messenger was used by the participants to choose the best company slogan.