General information

The word laser is an acronym of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser is an optical amplifier – a device that amplifies light waves. Such amplifier creates a well defined light beam which can be easily manipulated – it is suitable for use in a variety of purposes. These features make the laser stand out from other light sources like the Sun or a lamp. In fact, experts agree, laser creates light unmatched in all of Universe.

First laser was introduced in 1960 and took technology development on a ride in a whole new direction. Today, a world without lasers is inconceivable. Lasers are used in medicine for the most delicate operations. They have found their place in many other fields that require perfect precision, for example, lasers are used for hi-tech precision cutting of materials. Everyday life is unthinkable without laser technology. They are implemented in many everyday appliances – from barcode scanners to CD and DVD players.

Lasers are divided into two groups: pulsed lasers and continuous wave lasers. The former concentrate all of their power into short burst impulses which multiplies their power. This is the reason why they are prohibited from usage in audience scanning laser shows. We at Prolight use only continuous wave lasers. They are safe for audience scanning so everyone can enjoy in the fantastic laser shows they create. It is an unforgettable experience for audience when they find themselves in the middle of a laser created tunnel or a laser projected surface.

Such visual effects cannot be achieved by any other device. As a result, for the pinnacle of the largest spectacles a laser show is always selected.