Laser finances

Can you get rich by doing laser shows? In Laser Light Show Handbook a whole chapter was devoted to the issue. The page was empty and in the middle of it was written only one word: “NO.”

Lasers are part of that type of technology which is very quickly developing and is very expensive. That is why we have to constantly invest into new technologies to keep up with trends and please even the most demanding clients. The field of laser systems application is very narrow and is subjected to a list of regulations – the most rigorous ones being the safety regulations. Because of pressures of such norms and demanding long-term work, and on the other side – questionable cost efficiency, a few lighting experts are willing to delve into business with lasers.

Initial investments into basic equipment inevitably continue on into a whole array of additional devices. At the same time investing into staff education and training is required since old-fashioned ways of doing things can be easily perceived. Today, audiences have an easy access to recorded shows from all around the globe and clients do not want to pay for something obsolete. Taking into consideration that laser show is not as needed on an event as is audio equipment, but is considered a luxury; many clients tend to be stingy when budgeting for such an attraction. And they want to get as much as possible for as little money as possible. This is why it is impossible to charge every hour that the laser experts invested into the creation of a laser show.

Prolight’s laser experts live and work with that knowledge. But they work with lasers out of love. They’ve fallen in love with the unusual light beams in their teens and today, thousands of smiling faces that are enjoying their laser shows are the wind beneath their wings that keeps them going.