Lasers create the brightest colors in the universe. Their brilliance is the reason why many customers want this technology at their events. Their color requirements dictate the type of laser system used.

If the client requires only one color, then green lasers are used. The advantage of green lasers, is that they are most perceptible to the human eye of all colors, more than red or blue lasers. One watt of green light is two or three times brighter than one watt of blue or red light. Seeing as how green lasers are the most commonly used type of lasers, worldwide audiences have grown somewhat used to them.

This is why full spectrum lasers are far more extraordinary. Such full color, or RGB, or white-light lasers, as they are called, allow for a logo or brand name projection in its true colors. Full color spectrum laser projectors include several lasers that project red, blue and green colored laser beams. Combination of those three beams and their various intensities produces desired colors, for example, yellow or violet or at their highest intensity – white light. Full color lasers can produce up to 16 million 700 thousand colors.

Lasers that can offer full spectrum of colors are more expensive which in turn raises their rental cost.