The International Laser Display Association (ILDA), founded in 1986, is the world's leading organization dedicated to advancing the use of laser displays in the fields of art, entertainment and education.

ILDA promotes the use of laser displays in the international marketplace through award programs, publications, technology standards and a code of ethics. The organization also defines safety measures and provides forums for members to exchange ideas, forge partnerships and explore new technologies. ILDA helps members relate to each other not as competitors but as colleagues who share common goals and problems. By working together, they can solve their problems faster and more efficiently than working alone. Among companies that do laser shows, ILDA has, in its membership, companies that sell laser show equipment and services.

Anyone that is in need of a service associated with lasers is encouraged to contact one of the ILDA members. The membership, as we’ve mentioned above, requires the company to follow strict norms associated with working with lasers. They can be observed on their web page:

Prolight, as an ILDA member, guarantees its customers, among others, that it will respect the highest safety measures and a strict business and ethics code.
ILDA annually holds an awards show for the best shows created in the past year. The award is the Oscar’s of laser show display industry.