Lasers and 3D effects

Lasers can create amazing 3D effects but are still far from creating holographic projections as seen science fiction movies.

3D effects are the most realistic if we use movies 3D technology. The audience then requires polarized eyeglasses.

Mid-air beam effects is the name for laser projected effects like 3D surfaces – planes, cones, fans, etc.

Many of the 3D effects can be done by using mirrors. Such traditional, optical tricks combined with lasers create amazing laser images.

An attractive illusion can be made by using water and holographic screens combined with laser beams. In the place where a laser beam cuts through water or a screen a laser graphic is created. Even though the image is flat, from the front, from the audience’s perspective it looks as if the image is suspended in mid-air.

Chromatic 3D effects are created during Chromadepth laser show which is made in such a way that smaller red and yellow characters appear much closer than bigger green and blue ones.

When projecting laser graphics onto a dark screen in a darkened room you get the feeling like the images are hanging in mid-air. This is not a real 3D projection as the screen is flat and has only one surface. However, since the images are three dimensional themselves you can still have a convincing holographic simulation in mid-air.