It is extremely important to follow the safety regulations while performing a laser show. We at Prolight follow even the smallest of regulations which we can confirm with a collection of permits and certificates.

Prolight holds special permits from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to work with class 4 lasers. As an ILDA member, the company adheres to a set of norms which the Association entails when working with audiences.

Among the most important safety standards when working with laser systems are the ones that require following safety protocols concerning viewers’ skin and eyes protection and air traffic safety. The former is clearly defined by health regulations and the latter by air traffic regulations. To be exact – laser beams must, in no way, interfere with planes flying over the laser show location.

A company that works with lasers needs to be familiar with every safety regulation and it needs to have all the necessary documentation which allows it to continue its activity. If they do not hold all the permits, every laser show they do represents a potential health hazard.

This is why the event organizers should check the company’s complete documentation. Prolight will familiarize the organizers with their obligations. Namely, in some cases they should seek special temporary permits for working with lasers.