Laser labyrinth from the Prolight workshop

It began as a client's wish to create a game inspired by blockbusters in which professional thieves steal a precious diamond protected by laser beams and it ended up as a unique kind of laser labyrinth. The product, trademarked at the Office of intellectual property, is a Prolight creation in its entirety – from the idea, to software development and electronics that run the whole system. It is a game packed with adrenaline. Just like an action movie hero, you have to worm your way through a web of interlocking green laser beams. Touching or interrupting a laser beam triggers the alarm. The room is filled with flashing lights and screaming alarm sounds. The labyrinth entrance and exit are marked with red laser beams so entry and exit are precisely marked with interrupted beams. Player hi-score list is created this way. The results are displayed on plasma screens.