Laser harp tour

New and upgraded version of the laser harp presented at this year’s Music and Multimedia Fair has amazed the harpists. Old version had a frame and sensors into which the laser beams were directed, but the new one is without the frame so the beams are not limited by sensors. Instead, they are projected into the air. Interrupting the beam produces a sound.
Laser Harp can be connected to any kind of laser projector with standard ILDA connector. Output is generated by MIDI protocol which enables the harp to be connected to any kind of musical keyboard or a computer. In this way the musician can choose which kind of sounds he or she wants the harp to play.
Harp can be controlled by most DJ software, such as Traktor Pro or Ableton Live. The result is an amazing audio-visual attraction. Famous Croatian harpist, Doris Karamatić, has noticed the laser harp at this year’s Music and Multimedia Fair, and only two weeks later she had the opportunity to play the harp on 75th Zlatna Igla show. This was broadcasted live on Croatian National Television.
More info about Prolight Laser Harp Controller on: www.laser-harp.com
Laser harp tour
Laser harp live on television03:29
Laser harp live on television