• Minimalism at Wedding Days 2010

    On this year’s Wedding Days, Prolight has presented the power of lighting in the simplest possible way.
    Four big flower bouquets were set in a stand dressed in black.

    Minimalism at Wedding Days 2010
  • Award winning performance at the International Autumn Fair 2010

    Prolight was awarded a Crystal sculpture for the best overall performance at the 86th International Autumn Fair and Recognition for the highest overall performance at the Music and Multimedia Fair of 2010.

    Award winning performance at the International Autumn Fair 2010
  • Laser labyrinth from the Prolight workshop

    It began as a client's wish to create a game inspired by blockbusters in which professional thieves steal a precious diamond protected by laser beams and it ended up as a unique kind of laser labyrinth. The product, trademarked at the Office of intellectual property, is a Prolight creation in its entirety – from the idea, to software development and electronics that run the whole system. It is a game packed with adrenaline. Just like an action movie hero, you have to worm your way through a web of interlocking green laser beams. Touching or interrupting a laser beam triggers the alarm. The room is filled with flashing lights and screaming alarm sounds. The labyrinth entrance and exit are marked with red laser beams so entry and exit are precisely marked with interrupted beams. Player hi-score list is created this way. The results are displayed on plasma screens.

  • The most beautiful exhibition at the Wedding Fair 2010

    Prolight has won first prize for the most beautiful exhibition stand on the Wedding Fair 2010 taking place in the Arena in Zagreb. Even though they’ve won three awards prior, this one is special. It is a proof that Prolight experts are constantly following trends, successfully fulfilling the newlyweds desires and setting themselves new challenges in creativity and realization of ideas. For this year they’ve envisioned an exhibition stand fundamentally different from everything else at the fair. This is why for the background color they’ve chosen black instead of white, which is a traditional wedding color. On the stand they’ve hung over one hundred mirror balls from 5 to 50cm in diameter. Impressive scene was dominated by a big PROLIGHT sign cut out of mirrors. The exhibition stand has won the hearts of visitors as well as the judges.

  • Prolight’s Multimedia show at the Music and Multimedia Fair 2009

    At the Music and Multimedia Fair at the Zagreb Fair Prolight has presented to the Croatian public a multimedia show fully synchronized with SMPTE time code. The fact that 200 square meters of exhibition space was not enough for all those who wanted to enjoy the show proves how attractive it was. Every full hour when the show would begin the show area was beset with hundreds of people. In the following ten minutes they would enjoy a magnificent combination of lighting, special effects, laser show with graphics projected onto motorized holographic screens, video projections projected onto water screens and pyrotechnics show signed by Mirnovec Pirotehnika. It would leave many of the visitors breathless. Special recognition for their exhibition was awarded to Prolight third year in a row by Zagreb Fair judges.

  • The most successful overall performance at the Music and Multimedia Fair 2008

    At the Music and Multimedia fair of 2008 at the Zagreb Fair Prolight has won first prize for the most successful overall performance and a special recognition award by Zagreb Fair. They have presented a laser show whose beginning was inspired by music from Star Wars. The show made with lasers, special mirrors and graphics projected onto water screen has dazzled the crowds with 3D projections of starfighters, R2-D2 and C-3PO and with arrival or real-life Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Actors dressed as characters from the famous saga, would start a lightsaber fight only a few feet from the audience. Alongside Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, there were Princess Leia and a real Stromtrooper as well. First to recognize the attraction were the members of Croatian Star Wars Fan Club who helped Prolight with procurement of lightsabers and costumes. Those who witnessed it, discussed the show for many months, and many of them have put their videos on YouTube.