Special effects

Special wedding moments can be accentuated by different lighting and special effects. Newly-weds’ entrance into the reception area should be covered by a strong beam of white light. It will point out who the stars of the evening are. Ceremonial speeches from the best man or close relatives are highlighted as well. Another especially beautiful wedding scene is the first dance of the newlywed couple. It is a special feeling dancing to their favorite song through a low fog covered dance floor or surrounded by soft soap bubbles. Tiny snowflakes will welcome the newly-weds into their new home and wish them a Merry Christmas. The rest of the wedding reception can be magical as well. Special effects can be chosen for cutting of the cake and tossing of the bouquet. Light beam that points to newly-weds’ seating position, can be in the form of a heart with their names written across it. Such details make the wedding seem like a fairy tale.